My blood sugar levels were out of control. I felt sick and tired – the most exercise I got was walking to the kitchen. I knew my blood sugar was high, but I had no idea how out of control it was until I went in for a health screening at the ECSD Center for Health & Wellness.

One night during the pandemic, my blood sugar was so high that I was rushed to the emergency room, semi-conscious. I heard people gasping for air and realized that could easily be me. I had almost destroyed my body – I was mortified.

Following my health scare, I had my appointment with Dana Koger, RN health coach, and Johanna Raj, NP. They reviewed my labs with me and explained what they meant. They taught me portion control and shared their knowledge about healthy eating. Not only did they offer encouragement and exercise ideas, they became my support team.

As a result, my A1c has decreased to 6.3 percent in just 12 weeks! I walk 4 miles a day and eat healthy, clean food. I eat when I am hungry and stop when I am full; it’s as straightforward as that. I can now chase after my grandson and I choose fun family activities that keep us moving. I am happy again!

Even though it might not feel like it, if you’re going through something similar, it is possible to change. Build a support system, love yourself, and make the change. You are WORTH it!