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Care is different here

The traditional healthcare system often yanks patients around and rushes them out the door. At Marathon Health, we’re all for efficiency—but never at the expense of our patients’ health.

So we’re slowing certain things down, in a good way. To foster relationships. To make room for deeper conversations. To get to the “oh, by the way…” moments that can help catch health concerns before they’re acute.

Rediscover your why—and impact patients’ lives

We think people deserve a different kind of healthcare—care that’s unrushed, ongoing, proactive, and based on profound relationships.

As part of our team, you’re helping to redefine the healthcare experience. Imagine: The time and tools you need to give your full attention and the best care. A renewed connection to the reason you went into healthcare in the first place.

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Let Us Take Care of You

You’re passionate about taking care of people. We’re passionate about taking care of you. That’s why at Marathon Health, we provide a comprehensive portfolio of benefits. You’re going to love being a Marathon Health Ambassador!

Become a torchbearer for better health

If you’re energized by the idea of helping people improve their health, you’ll fit right in here! We’re leading the way to healthcare that’s better for everyone—from patients, to employers, to clinicians, and every other Marathon Health ambassador. Every job here is an important one, and we’re proud to do what we do every day.

We could go on, but we’ll let you hear it from our ambassadors themselves.

“Marathon Health invests in their workforce; they invest in their patients. They care for me as a person and teach me how to take care of myself so I can care for others. It’s so easy to brag about a company that cares about you and cares about the people you’re working with. We truly live the mission. I see how we’re helping people improve their health, keep costs down, and improve their accessibility.”

Luana Heidemann

Travel Health Coach

Your dream job awaits. And we’re ready when you are.

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