Get Care Anywhere

Everyone deserves high-quality primary healthcare no matter where they live.

We’re lighting the way with virtual primary care, called Marathon Health Anywhere.


Virtual Primary Care, Redefined

We’ve taken our relationship-driven model, enhanced it with industry-leading digital tools and services, and made it accessible to all employees virtually, no matter where they live.


We’re bringing our award-winning primary care model to everyone

Marathon Health Anywhere goes far beyond traditional healthcare. It’s an advanced virtual-care platform spanning all 50 states that provides the same full-service care patients receive at our onsite and Network health center, allowing you to provide comprehensive primary care to your entire employee population.

With Marathon Health Anywhere, members have access to:

  • full-service virtual primary and sick care
  • behavioral health counseling
  • wellness services and health coaching
  • chronic care management through connected devices
  • medication and lab services

Sick care coverage is available 24/7, 365 days a year.


Not just virtual care, but a Care Team that meets your employees’ every need

The Marathon Health Anywhere model consists of a full team of providers available across all 50 states—making up a one-of-a-kind network of virtual care.

Patients always have access to a Care Team consisting of:

  • Physicians
  • RN Health Coaches
  • Behavioral Health Counselors
  • Concierge Care Coordinators
  • Engagement Specialists
  • Member Relations Team


The Marathon Health Anywhere Patient Journey

With Marathon Health Anywhere, the patient experience is simple. But behind the scenes, the Marathon Health Care Team is constantly working to proactively provide resources for patients while coordinating their care every step of the way.


Keeping Patients Engaged with Virtual Care

For patients who prefer or require virtual primary care visits, we have a comprehensive strategy to keep them involved with their health day-to-day, all year long.