Our world-class clinicians take primary care to a new level, improving health outcomes for your employees.

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Marathon Health makes healthcare work for you

Employers have the opportunity to improve employee health with better onsite primary care and dedicated care teams, right where employees work. With Marathon Health, you can have a healthier employee population, while lowering healthcare costs. Employers who implement our advanced primary care model save $2,000+ per employee per year on average, while employees save 17% on medical claims.

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Care when and how employees want it

We empower your employees to improve or maintain their health. We focus on enabling higher engagement, better experiences, and ultimately healthier individuals.

  • Collaborative and integrated care approach with a comprehensive care team
  • Care navigation resources to achieve better outcomes
  • Share patient information across the care team
  • 24/7 virtual access
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Marathon Health’s Onsite health centers’ deliver measureble results

Accessing healthcare at work isn’t just convenient for your employees, it’s fiscally responsible for your business. Every positive change in your employees’ health equals savings on your bottom line.

  • 25% reduction in per capita cost for engaged employees
  • 21% reduction in emergency department use for engaged employees
  • 36% reduction in per capita cost for high-risk and chronic condition engaged employees

We drive amazing outcomes by employing only world-class care team members. The Marathon Health care teams utilize our behavior-upgrade model including Appreciative Inquiry, Motivational Interviewing, and Mindfulness. Understanding the whole person leads to personalized care plans for improved and ongoing employee engagement.

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We are in the business of outcomes-based care

Our job isn’t to treat the symptoms like most healthcare providers do. We build trusting relationships with our patients so we can uncover the underlying conditions and heal the whole person. Our care team spends over 30 minutes on average with each patient at each visit, because the best medicine is more than a prescription.

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Our work is more than a mission, it’s our passion

Performance Guarantee

We tie our success to the success of our clients. We take a risk, and we’re happy to do it because our model works. Our outcomes-based care contracts connect performance guarantees to how we get paid.

The Power of Innovation

Since 2005, we’ve taken an agile approach to refine our care model to make healthcare better for everyone. We’ve committed to a 5-year roadmap of innovation focusing on Patient Engagement, Patient Experience, and Care Navigation.

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