In May 2022, Marathon Health partnered with Garner, a data-driven provider search tool, to help its care navigators better assist members in finding the highest-quality specialists and procedures at the best price. A recent case study reveals that the partnership — leveraging Garner “DataPro” — lowers costs by up to 50 percent on some of the most frequent procedures.  

Marathon Health’s data analysts looked at claims’ costs for members in the top three procedure referral categories within the Indianapolis Network. When supported by Marathon Health care navigators with the Garner data, members saved on average $913 for colonoscopies, $86 for standard ultrasounds and $61 for standard X-rays. Savings ranged from 35 percent to 50 percent.


Marathon Health Garner DataPro Referral Savings


“Data is the lifeblood of modern healthcare,” said Nick Reber, founder and CEO of Garner Health. “It’s how we identify trends, track progress, and measure success. With access to Garner DataPro, Marathon has turned data into actionable insights that drive better health outcomes for clients and members. It’s not solely a matter of numbers; it’s about utilizing insights to enhance the quality of human life.” 

Marathon Health Care Navigators Assist with Specialty Referrals

Marathon Health’s data shows that 75% percent of members needing a specialty service choose the Garner-recommended option when working with a Marathon care navigator. Once a referral is ordered, a Marathon Health care navigator calls the member within 24 hours to help with the referral. The care navigator leverages Garner data to find the best provider at the best price and schedules the referral appointment to make it easy for the member.  

“Through our ability to combine supportive care navigators and accurate data on cost and quality, our members are much more likely to complete referrals and much more likely to go to the highest-value specialist,” said Pierce Graham-Jones, Marathon Health’s Chief Strategy Officer. “This is directly tied to how much our members love the added support: we consistently see net promoter scores in the high 90s for the referral service.”

Data from Garner Key in Helping Members Get Highest Quality Referrals

Member Justin Malave says his A1C was 7.4, he was 280 pounds and was in excruciating pain. After visiting Marathon Health through his employer, The School District of Palm Beach County, he’s getting the care he needs, following through on appointments with specialists and seeing results.

“They started setting appointments with a cardiologist, urologist and pulmonologist,” Justin said. “They have monitored all my health issues on our weekly virtual visits and make sure I’m on top of my medications and doctor’s visits. My A1c is down to 6.5. I have also lost 43 pounds and my pain level is finally manageable. My body has recovered with the help of the Marathon Health team.” 

Graham-Jones says good data is integral to Marathon Health’s care navigation service. “Having access to Garner DataPro helps our team support members when their needs extend beyond primary care. We are saving money for our members and our clients, and ultimately improving lives.” 

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