A Quarterback for Employee Healthcare Referrals

Marathon Health’s referral coordinators offer a personalized, high-touch approach to help your employees find the best specialists and procedures at the best price.


Why Value-Driven Healthcare Referrals?

The price for most healthcare services has no correlation with quality, yet choosing the best place for care is one of the most impactful decisions your employees can make in their healthcare journey.

Decisions are often made with insufficient information, influenced by healthcare providers who are incentivized to refer within the system, and not based on objective measures of quality and cost.

“In the old days, I would give a referral to the patient, and I wouldn’t necessarily know whether or not they went to the specialist until my next visit. Our referral team stays on top of it, and it really helps with patient follow-up.”

— William Klein, MD, Regional Medical Director at Marathon Health


The Value of Marathon Health’s
Referral Management Program

  • 100% Referral Coordinator Contact Rate Within 1 Business Day
  • 60% of our patients complete their referrals
  • 90+ Net Promoter Score


A Personalized Employee Healthcare Referral Experience

Effective, value-driven referral management relies on high-touch, personalized outreach. Marathon Health’s dedicated team of 30+ referral coordinators help your employees get quality, affordable healthcare.

We focus on building trust and making it convenient for your employees.

Referral placed in referral coordinator case queue

Coordinator reaches out to your employee within one business day to understand needs

Coordinator discusses scheduling preference and priorities with employee

Coordinator reviews advanced cost and quality analytics to find the highest value provider

Coordinator schedules referral appointment

Data flows back to us to ensure continuation of coordinated care

See How Our Care Coordinators and Better Data Improve Employee Health


Best-in-Class, Advanced Quality Data

We’ve partnered with Garner Health to leverage their data-driven physician analytics to allow our dedicated team of 30+ referral coordinators to better guide patient choice.

Garner has developed a proprietary model that uses 500+ specialty-specific measures to assess a specialist’s impact on total cost of care.


Our Work Is More Than a Mission, It’s Our Passion.

Want to learn how our referral management program can help your team?

Employee Healthcare Navigation Starts with Better Referrals