Many of us will find ourselves reflecting on and evaluating the past year. After that, we might brainstorm and create goals for the new year, whether personal and professional, to guide us and ensure that our passions and skills are being fueled and utilized.

Why did you decide to become a medical professional? What kept you motivated to spend hours studying?

Let’s rewind briefly to the time you spent in school to begin a career in healthcare. At some point during your education, you probably completed clinical rotations in a variety of settings – hospitals, long-term care, and community to name a few. Did you learn about the corporate wellness setting and what it entails?

Corporate wellness is provided in a variety of models with employees and sometimes family members as the patient population. At Marathon Health, we partner with employers to operate worksite health centers that provide primary and preventive health care services with the mission of inspiring people to lead healthier lives.

Opportunities as a Corporate Wellness Coach

One of the ways we live our mission is by offering preventive services at no charge in our health centers. Additionally, the number of visits for preventive services is unlimited! This allows our clinicians to utilize motivational interviewing techniques at one, five, ten, or twenty visits. It’s up to the clinician and the patient to decide.

Presently, all new Marathon Health clinicians are provided with a brief biography form to answer questions and help us learn more about them. One of the questions is, “Why have you decided to join Marathon Health?” Amongst hundreds of answers, two themes are echoed:

  • Excitement to emphasize wellness and prevention as opposed to only treating the acute problem.
  • Desire to help patients achieve their best overall health by having enough time to listen and build a relationship instead of feeling rushed during appointments.

As you look back, do you feel that your professional passion is being fueled?

If not, take the next step to learn more about Marathon Health. As we continue to grow, we love to meet medical professionals with experience in the field who are passionate about helping patients. Visit our career page to view opportunities to join our mission of inspiring people to live healthier lives.


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