Chart reviews, audits, proficiency exams, and continuing education opportunities are some of the common ways clinicians gauge their competency as service providers.

But to get a true sense of where they stand, it’s important that practitioners receive feedback from the most important person in the healthcare equation, the patient. Embracing patient feedback and reviews will help clinicians grow not only as medical providers, but as listeners and trusted advisors.

Getting Started with Patient Feedback

We take patient reviews very seriously as they help shape our model of care. We actively seek feedback from employees and dependents, and survey them through an online and paper survey six months after the onsite health center opens and annually thereafter.

Marathon Health’s clinicians and leadership teams review this feedback and use it to adjust everything from service offerings to health center hours to electronic medical record updates. For example, if the feedback expressed a concern for communication, the solution may be to set aside more time for questions. It’s important to review every survey and incorporate both the positive feedback and areas for improvement.

Practitioner Training

Fortunately at Marathon Health we have rigorous training programs that reward us with extremely positive feedback from patients. We encourage patient engagement across many platforms. Across our book of business, more than 93 percent of patients say they are satisfied or very satisfied with our services.

When you place a special emphasis on training and listening to patient surveys, you sometimes get reviews like this from a legal professional at the City of Fort Lauderdale. This is why we do what we do.

“When the Wellness Center concept first came up as part of the City’s comprehensive health program, I was somewhat of a ‘naysayer,’ my personal philosophy being that I have a primary care physician and a cardiologist – they are familiar with every nuance of my health – why would I go to a complete stranger?

Well, I am pleased to report to you that I am no longer a ‘naysayer.’  I contacted the Wellness Center at 11:30 AM, and despite their bookings, they were able to take me at 11:45 that morning.   I found the surroundings to be very pleasant, but more importantly I was impressed with the time and attention I received from their personnel.   I felt my circumstance was handled in a thoroughly professional and courteous manner.   Were I in the market for a new primary care physician I would give them consideration.

In discussions with other employees concerning their experiences with the Wellness Center, I have yet to find a single employee that has anything negative to say about the availability and quality of the services they are getting from the Wellness Center.”


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