BURLINGTON, VT—Marathon Health, Inc. today announced its selection to provide onsite wellness and healthcare services for Laitram, LLC, a New Orleans, LA based global manufacturing company with more than 1,550 employees worldwide.

Starting in March 2012, Marathon Health will provide wellness and healthcare services to Laitram employees with its MedicalHome@Work™ model as the foundation for care delivery. This model facilitates a partnership between the patient and caregiver with preventative and primary care, care coordination and referral management, community provider and health services integration, and a HIPAA-compliant technology platform for documenting and managing care.

The Laitram health and wellness center will be part of a 13,000-square-foot employee complex that will also include a fitness center. Marathon Health will work in collaboration with Lifestart National Fitness to provide a personalized, medically-based fitness program that is coordinated with the overall care plan for the individual. This approach provides the ability to help the healthy stay healthy and provide guidance to those who may benefit from a prescribed medical and physical activity plan.

Laitram is a company that was founded on innovation. The company considered those roots when figuring out how to proactively address rising healthcare spending while improving delivery of benefits to employees. The new health and wellness center reflects this innovation as well as Laitram’s business philosophy that directs its employees to focus on productivity.

“At Laitram we define productivity as increasing value to our customers or reducing company costs,” said Franck LaBiche, Laitram’s human resources director. “Addressing rising healthcare costs is a logical next step for us. Our goal in offering onsite healthcare is to provide a great benefit for our employees while improving productivity and driving down costs. It is a big win for both our employees and the company.”

Marathon Health Vice President Jeff Shea said Laitram has visionary leadership, as evidenced by the company’s recognition by New Orleans City Business as the Best Place to Work in 2010. He said he values Laitram’s focus on employee responsibility and believes this partnership will help to reduce the increasing burden of healthcare costs to the company.

“Laitram displays the best elements of a forward-thinking business where corporate values are translated into actionable business operations,” Shea said. “With this partnership, along with the leadership from Lifestart National Fitness, we will work toward the greater goal of helping people lead happier, more productive lives. We see this across our customer base and look forward to seeing the same at Laitram as we guide employees on their journey to better health.”