Marathon Health Engagement Rates Exceed Prediction for Health Improvement

BURLINGTON, Vt. — December 9, 2010 — Marathon Health today announced that health program engagement rates achieved for Accellent, Inc exceeded prediction by 27%. Marathon Health achieved a 97% engagement rate of the target population identified in March 2009 as being at high risk for a chronic condition or who had an existing chronic condition. The Marathon Health definition of engagement is any person who has met with the nurse health coach and selected a risk- or condition-related goal to work on with health coaching as appropriate.

Accellent, a leading supplier of supply chain solutions to the medical device industry, offers its employees face-to-face health assessments and health risk reduction coaching at their 15 US locations. Marathon Health provides these services with traveling nurses who visit Accellent sites at regularly scheduled intervals. Marathon Health also provides onsite health services at three of Accellent’s sites.

“Achieving this rate of engagement with a distributed workforce can be attributed to several factors,” said Tricia McCall, Accellent Vice President of Human Resources. “We have strong program champions at the local level to coordinate the activities. We offer an incentive program to get people involved with the screenings and assessments. And through Marathon Health, we provide high-quality coaching and outreach programs. Together, these factors combine to create the level of involvement we are seeing. This effort is one more way we are staying true to our company vision of ‘Helping People Live Better Lives’.”

The focus on engaging individuals with health risk factors has played an important role in the negative 3% medical trend experience at Accellent.

“It is well documented that individuals with high risk factors, such as hypertension, smoking, and obesity, will consume healthcare resources at two – five times the rate of a healthy person,” said David Demers, MPH, director of strategic planning at Marathon Health. “And while the numbers speak volumes, the real success is found in the hundreds of individual stories of employees who have improved their health. That is what we are most proud of at Marathon Health.”

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