Nebraska-based Lincoln Industries and IMSCORP Partner to Offer Onsite Healthcare

BURLINGTON, VT—Marathon Health, Inc. today announced its selection as the onsite medical services provider for Lincoln, Neb.-based companies Lincoln Industries and IMSCORP. This arrangement is a prototype for the ever-growing shared services business model.

“Many companies ask us to provide shared, onsite healthcare services, and for good reason,” said Marathon Health CEO Jerry Ford. “The shared services model allows smaller companies to pool resources and offer their employees and dependents care, health coaching, and disease management. We are excited to be working with companies like Lincoln Industries and IMSCORP that are so proactive in fostering the health and wellness of their people.”

Lincoln Industries, a metal finishing company, and IMSCORP, an industrial manufacturer, are located adjacent to one another. The health center will be located on the Lincoln Industries campus and construction will begin in May.

“Opening the health center is the next step in our long history of wellness initiatives at Lincoln Industries,” said Tonya Vyhlidal, Lincoln Industries wellness/life enhancement director. “Partnering with IMSCORP is one more way we can share our commitment to health and wellbeing at the workplace.”
Named “Healthy U,” the health center is a medical home where people receive high-quality, coordinated care supported by Marathon Health’s evidence-based technology platform. This approach to care delivery reinforces the healthy choices of healthy people and targets medium- and high-risk individuals for early, lower-cost intervention.

IMSCORP CEO Nick Cusick said Marathon Health’s ability to work with two companies was a major reason why his business signed on for the service.

“We know how beneficial it is for our employees’ overall health and productivity to have onsite healthcare available,” Cusick said. “To provide this benefit, you need a critical mass of people in close proximity to a worksite health center. Marathon Health’s shared services model makes it possible for us to offer onsite healthcare by joining forces with Lincoln Industries. It’s a win-win for both sides.”