Prior to working with a Marathon Health clinician, I struggled with my confidence, was overweight, experienced joint stiffness, and felt shortness of breath during activities. I knew I had a higher risk of developing health issues and I desperately wanted to make a change.

I went to my Wayne Farms We Care Wellness Center and saw Trina McMillan, FNP, and Edith Galvan-Paez, MA. Trina and Edith both encouraged me to participate in the center’s 10-week Winning at Losing Weight Loss Challenge. Throughout the challenge, Trina helped me set goals, develop my own personal health plan, and held me accountable when I wanted to give up. As a result, I had lost over six percent of my body weight by the end of the challenge. That was the motivation I needed to keep going.

While quarantining in the spring of 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic, I was still able to keep my health coaching appointments through phone visits. I am proud to say that I stayed on track and didn’t gain any weight back! To maintain my progress, I limited my portion sizes, incorporated exercise into my routine, and increased the amount of protein and water in my diet.

Trina and Edith taught me how to be more positive and take care of myself. I am more confident than I have been in years. Best of all, I’m excited to do the things I had previously lost interest in, like hiking, walking, and bike riding. The hard work I put in was so worth it!