I didn’t like the way I looked or felt. I was experiencing high blood pressure, tingling in my hands, and swelling in my feet. I didn’t have much motivation, and I constantly felt tired and out of breath.  

I went to the Healthy You Wellness Center in Memphis, which I can access through my health benefits at Reynolds American, and met with Dawna Willis, FNP  

She was very helpful as she shared her knowledge and explained my symptoms. She told me if I wanted to make positive gains, I needed to change my diet and work out. She also advised I cut back on starchy foods and sweets.  

I took her advice and stopped eating starchy foods and drinking soda. I also cut back on bread, only occasionally eating bread that contains zero sugar. Today, I feel 10 times better.  

My weight is down, my blood pressure has improved, and my feet aren’t swollen anymore! I have more energy and I sleep better. I can wear clothes that I couldn’t wear for a very long time, which is a massive relief  

Healthy changes can save your life, and you will feel better about yourself.