Being severely overweight is something I’ve been battling my whole life. It has hindered me from fully thriving in most aspects of my life, including holding me back from most physical activities. I couldn’t enjoy shopping, walks with friends or my nieces and nephews. Yard work was a challenge, and I couldn’t even work out longer than 30 minutes or walk up steps without my knees and back hurting or being short of breath. It took over my confidence and peace of mind.

I visited Nurse Practitioner Sally Anderson at the State of Kansas’ HealthQuest Health Center, powered by Marathon Health. She encouraged me and believed in me from the moment I expressed I wanted to lose weight. She was very informative any time I had questions. I also had the pleasure of seeing Registered Nurse Valerie Porter, who thoroughly coached me on health and proper nutrition. The whole team at the center has been great!

Sally sent a referral to the St. Francis medical weight loss center for me to become a new patient. Since starting in August 2022, I’ve managed to lose 218 pounds while taking Mounjaro and Phentermine. The quality of my life has improved so much. I look better and feel even better.

I would describe my health as good, aside from the remaining weight I want to lose. My vitals and tests are so much better due to my weight loss. I’m a ball of energy now. My attitude is better, my body feels better and lighter, my A1C is where it should be, my knees no longer hurt, and I’m now able to do intense workouts without pain all over my body.

Believe in yourself and seek proper medical attention. Do your own research on proper nutrition. Read food labels. Protein is key. Drink plenty of water. Remember this is a process, it doesn’t happen overnight! — Kayla P., Marathon Health Member

I’ve managed to lose 218 pounds.