I experienced lingering symptoms from a common cold that just didn’t feel right. Deep down, I wondered if I had diabetes. Both my mother and sister have diabetes, so I knew there was a family history.  

Thankfully, I have access to the Bay Educators Wellness Center through my employer-sponsored Marathon Health benefits at Bay District School, so I scheduled a physical exam and biometric screening with Marqueta Seeuws, FNP. 

The lab results confirmed my suspicion, showing my A1c was above 12. I had unmanaged type 2 diabetes and high cholesterol. Reluctantly, I started taking medication but was unnerved knowing my family history, so I became determined to get healthier. I knew this would involve me doing things I didn’t want to, but I told myself that no one is going to take care of me better than I am. 

Marqueta told me the truth about my condition — her bedside manner was gentle, but firm. She ran a program for individuals with diabetes, and taught us about healthy foods and reading food labels. She held me accountable to my goals and checked my vitals regularly. 

Today, I feel 100 times healthier. My A1c dropped from 12 to 6, and my bad cholesterol decreased from 233 to 100. I lost almost 100 pounds, and I look and feel fabulous.  

I made a lifestyle change and I love the improved me. I walk every day, and most of my middle and high school students can no longer keep up with me. I feel rejuvenated!