TTM Technologies Inc. (TTM) is a leading global printed circuit board and radio frequency components manufacturer with 27,000 employees at 29 factories worldwide. With TTM’s factory in Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin showing a consistent trend in higher employee healthcare claims, TTM’s local management discovered that emergency room visits and urgent care facilities were often the first stop for care. As a result, the Chippewa Falls plant’s costs were rising and significantly outpacing TTM’s other North American locations. To address the problem, TTM sought a worksite healthcare solution that would provide its employees with easy access to high-quality, cost-effective, and educational healthcare services.

Enter Marathon Health

The region’s economic disparity, reduced access to behavioral healthcare, and lack of specialty medical services were significant hurdles to better health for TTM’s local workforce. The Chippewa Falls employee population reflected the regional health demographic with above national averages for diabetes, high blood pressure, and BMI. TTM chose Marathon Health as their trusted onsite healthcare partner to directly address the needs of their workforce and their region’s health hurdles. The approach is now working.

Clinicians at the Marathon Health Center empower TTM employees and their eligible dependents with on-going coaching to take control of their own health, develop new health behaviors, and make smarter healthcare decisions. After one year of operation, 72 percent of the employees identified with chronic conditions are making progress toward normal ranges through high-quality care and health coaching.

A Winning Partnership

“TTM had been exploring better healthcare for their worksite. We just needed to find the right partner – and we chose Marathon Health. They work very closely with me to ensure that health services and programming align with TTM’s overall wellness strategy.” – Heather Whitaker, health benefit and strategy consultant for TTM at Precept Group.

The Marathon Health care model extends beyond the walls of the health center to engage employees when and where they need it most. In addition to primary care, physical therapy, and chronic condition management, TTM recognized the growing need for behavioral healthcare in the region. Marathon Health partners with the TTM Employee Assistance Program (EAP) to provide coordinated care with onsite counseling services. This approach allows for gradual and exploratory behavioral health services ahead of a full implementation.

“We needed to find a way to help our employees with their healthcare because going to the doctor was a major inconvenience for them. Worksite healthcare provides convenient, accessible, and affordable care for our employees. This increases the overall health of our workforce while reducing costs and increasing productivity. A win-win.”

Sheridan Welch

General Manager, TTM Chippewa Falls

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Investment Payback

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Usage Decline

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Progress to Normal

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The Result

Offering a differentiated healthcare benefit is a win-win solution for TTM and its employees. When care is available at the worksite, employees can proactively manage their health with preventive care, chronic condition management, health counseling, wellness programs, and health coaching. This proactive approach yields positive health outcomes with improved employee engagement and productivity. Employers like TTM show that committing to health improvement for the workforce is an innovative and winning business strategy.

“We’ve seen a lot of collaboration and cooperation with our health center. Marathon Health is always about serving TTM and doing what’s best for our employees.”

Kari Dahl

Human Resources Manager, TTM Chippewa Falls

It’s time for modern healthcare

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