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At Travel + Leisure Co.’s headquarters in Orlando, an onsite health center served the needs of its corporate employees. But as they expanded, they wanted to offer a health center that would support area resort operations staff, too.

“We were seeing the popularity of the onsite health center and wanted to explore a Network center that would be available to our other locations,” says Brandy Parker, Director of Health and Welfare Benefits at Travel + Leisure.

Marathon Health’s Vineland Pointe Network site in Orlando supports the company’s staff and their dependents with convenient access to healthcare at little to no cost.

Pictured above: Marathon Health Orlando care providers (left to right) Justine Kuroda, NP; Brandy Castro RN and Regional Care Team Manager; Cindy Freeman, NP; and Krystle Hathaway, RN.

Network Increases Access + Improves Employee Health

The resort operations staff work demanding jobs at locations like Club Wyndham Bonnet Creek, which is directly adjacent to Walt Disney World. “A lot of our employees, due to the nature of their jobs, may be less inclined to see the doctor regularly,” Brandy says. “They’re out in the field working long and odd hours, and may not find time to go to the doctor. Having a health center readily available makes it easier for our employees and creates a healthier workforce.”

That access resulted in nearly 1,000 unique members visiting the Orlando health centers in 2022. To date, almost 98% of engaged members report being satisfied or very satisfied with their Travel + Leisure employer healthcare centers, which boast an NPS score of 90.9.

In their second year partnering with Marathon Health, 73% of at-risk members from Travel + Leisure made progress on reducing biometric risk factors, while 76% of members improved LDL cholesterol readings.

Marathon Health centers offer a variety of care options, including sick care and preventive services, behavioral health treatment, chronic condition care, and referral coordination. Because of their patient-centric approach — with no ties to insurance carriers, hospitals or other specialty groups — healthcare providers are able to take their time with patients, with appointment times averaging 45 minutes.

Member Elsa Lopez visited Family Nurse Practitioner Cindy Freeman at the Vineland Pointe Network health center when her Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) spiraled out of control while isolating during the COVID-19 pandemic. “She was great,” Elsa says. “She listened when I wanted healthy options to control my hormonal imbalance without excessive medications. She developed a personalized treatment plan and gave me expert advice. I feel much more confident now that I have a medical team that directly supports my condition.”

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At-risk members making progress on biometrics
Member satisfaction
Engaged employee healthcare cost reduction

Employee Health Services Save on Costs

Brandy appreciates the support Marathon Health provides in educating employees on their offerings. “They speak at our new hire orientation every Monday about their services.” she says. “Marathon Health is also good at pushing out emails to remind employees to visit the health center.”

To encourage participation, Travel + Leisure offers a well-being incentive program, in which employees can earn a medical-premium reduction for the plan year by engaging in preventive wellness services.

In 2022, Travel + Leisure employees who engaged with health center offerings cost almost 26% less than non-engaged members. “Our intention is that this will decrease plan usage and make the population healthier,” Brandy says. “We’re self-insured for medical, so we’re paying a hundred percent of any claim that passes through. We’re hoping that Marathon’s presence leads to healthier populations regionally for the locations in which they serve.”

Having a health center readily available makes it easier for our employees and creates a healthier workforce.

It’s time for modern healthcare

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