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Getting an appointment to see your primary care physician today can be difficult, says Matt Mikolajewski, Senior Benefits Specialist at ADVICS North America, and not everyone has a primary care physician. That’s an issue when you want employees to be healthy. 

And, it’s one of the reasons ADVICS partnered with Marathon Health 3 years ago. Today, they offer their employees and their families access to four Cincinnati Network health centers, including one just five minutes from their corporate headquarters and manufacturing facility. 

“The Marathon Health centers set aside appointments for urgent cases,” Matt says. “With that access, people can be seen right away, get medicine, feel better faster and come back to work faster.”

But more than just acute care, Matt says offering access to Network health centers provides a means for their employees to take care of themselves long-term, and ADVICS encourages these healthier lifestyles. The health centers also offer primary care, health coaching and behavioral health services. 

ADVICS Incentivizes Employee Engagement

ADVICS employees and their families enjoy free access to the Network health centers. As the first employer to join the Network, Matt says they got to choose the first location, and everyone likes that it’s close to their work. Other locations are dispersed throughout the city for easy access for family members, too. Marathon Health adds Network locations in step with growing employee populations to be within a 10-minute drive of 90% of the workforce and their families.

“We even had a team member whose son was away at college out of state, but there was a Marathon Health Network center located nearby,” Matt says. “And so, that child was able to go to the clinic. At the end of the day, we’re paying for a doctor, and it doesn’t matter if the member goes to a clinic here in Cincinnati or in Florida. We’re just trying to take care of them.”

ADVICS sends potential employees to the health center for a pre-employment drug screening and encourages new hires to return to the provider to build a relationship. “From there, we make sure we talk about how great the clinic is and that people know it’s an option,” Matt says. “We have daily meetings on-site and they talk about the clinic. It starts at the top. Our president of the plant preaches it, then it filters down to managers, supervisors, and people working the line.”

Other communication strategies ADVICS utilizes include emails and sending Marathon Health representatives to the lunchroom to talk to employees on their breaks. “Our partnership with Marathon Health revolves around our wellness program,” Matt says. “The wellness program gives participants $1,500 off their premiums for getting an annual physical, and another $1,500 when their spouse completes a physical. The goal is to get folks to participate and build a relationship with their doctor.”

The incentive program fuels ADVICS’ 62% average monthly engagement rate with health center services. Of those engaged participants, nearly three-quarters have made progress toward improving their biometric screening numbers.

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Members Give Cincinnati Network Health Centers High Satisfaction Score

To date, 98% of surveyed ADVICS employees rate their experience with Marathon Health as excellent or good. “I think that has to do with Marathon Health providers making sure folks feel like they’re taken care of. If you’re treated well, listened to and feel like your time is valued, that goes a long way,” Matt says.

Because of Marathon Health’s patient-centric approach — with no ties to insurance carriers, hospitals, or other specialty groups — healthcare providers are able to take their time with patients, with appointment times averaging 45 minutes. Patients have additional time with their practitioner to discuss any concerns they have regarding their health, which can result in a more comprehensive examination.

“The last thing anyone wants to do after work is sit in a waiting room for 15 minutes, get called back to sit in a doctor’s office for another 15 minutes, only for the doctor to spend two minutes with you,” Matt says. “Doctors taking time to understand an individual and talk about their health results leads to satisfaction. And then it comes full circle. Satisfied patients want to listen, make lifestyle changes, and do better.”

Network Health Centers Offer Cost Savings

On average, engaged members’ healthcare costs $1,039, or 30%, less than non-engaged members each year. In addition, employers benefit financially from the Network model by not having to assume the investment associated with the construction of an onsite center.

But for Matt, it’s about more than saving money. “Look at the number of folks engaging in their wellness and how many are satisfied,” Matt says. “Look at the number of folks who go to the doctor, thanks to this access. We want to keep costs down, but at the end of the day, what matters is taking care of our people.”

“Look at the number of folks engaging in their wellness and how many are satisfied. Look at the number of folks who go to the doctor, thanks to this access. We want to keep costs down, but at the end of the day, what matters is taking care of our people.” 

It’s time for modern healthcare

Join companies all across the country that have partnered with Marathon Health to provide best-in-class healthcare benefits to their employees. It may be the best decision you make all day!