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Keller ISD, an Independent School District in Tarrant County, Texas, that covers a 51-square-mile radius has partnered with Marathon Health for over seven years to provide exceptional healthcare to its employees and their families. During that time, the school district which serves approximately 35,000 students, has reduced healthcare expenses and saved over $31 million.

A Proactive Approach

With increased engagement over the past year — driven largely by an incentive program, the school district was able to identify 1,414 employees with high biometric risk or a chronic condition which breaks down to 55% of the employee population. Of those employees, over 60% have made progress toward improving their risk factors as of December 2021. The most prevalent risk factors for chronic conditions were obesity, blood pressure, fasting glucose, triglycerides, metabolic syndrome, depression and asthma.

The Marathon Way

With a focus on primary care, the school district has utilized Marathon Health to provide several services to its members including biometric screenings, chronic health condition management and behavioral health services. This has resulted in a higher engagement rate from employees utilizing health screenings and seeking treatment for a variety of health conditions.

of employees with high biometric risk or a chronic condition have made progress toward improving their risk factors
Patient satisfaction
High-risk employee engagement and utilization

Every Outcome Tells a Story

The pandemic has also played a role as more employees sought out behavioral health services.

Jane, for example, began making lifestyle changes when her spouse received a medical diagnosis. Jane lost over 30 pounds but hit a plateau when anxiety-related symptoms increased drastically at the onset of the pandemic and impeded her progress. She began working with her Marathon Health behavioral health counselor Michelle Binion and discussed some apprehensions she had regarding medication. Binion scheduled an appointment for Jane to speak with a nurse practitioner who was able to answer her questions regarding medications.

Jane says the behavioral interventions and medication management have helped to reduce her anxiety. Now that Jane has taken control of her anxiety again, she has been able to turn her attention back to her health goals. At one of her more recent appointments, Jane reports having prepared home-cooked meals, incorporating evening walks into her routine and can focus on her work again.

It’s time for modern healthcare

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