Employer organizations exploring the possibility of onsite health services often ask what impact worksite health systems will have on local healthcare providers. In some cases, where access to care is an issue, the employer will often collaborate with the local health systems to improve care across the continuum. In other cases, where there is readily accessible primary care, the employer will structure their onsite health services to supplement and support the primary care relationship. In either case, we work with employer organizations to maximize healthcare resources for their employees and guide the navigation process so that they understand where to access the right level of care when they need it.

Keys to Patient Success

How does Marathon Health help ensure a seamless patient experience from the onsite health center to the community providers? We use proven methods to build and maintain strong, productive and ongoing relationships between Marathon Health and local providers. Our methods include:

Provider Summits

We invite community providers and administrators to meet with us and learn about our model and methods of facilitating collaborative care.

One-on-one Meetings

We reach out to interested providers in the healthcare community to answer any questions and resolve any concerns.

Collaborative Programming

We often help bring in services from the local health system—such as mobile mammography, dermatology clinics, and health screenings. These added services increase awareness and engagement with local providers and help to increase patient compliance with screenings and other treatments. These services also help to identify undetected health risks that could lead to future cost.

Patient Care Roadmap

We provide a healthcare decision tree flyer for eligible participants that helps them make appropriate care choices throughout the local health system. The benefits to this approach are significant to the patient, the employer and the community providers.

The Right Provider at the Right Time

At Marathon Health, our clinicians are trained as patient advocates and understand when and where to refer patients into the health system. Referrals are often for patients with an undetected or undiagnosed condition who have not been seen by community providers. With our health risk management approach, we catch things early, often before it develops into a debilitating or costly condition. Most importantly, our system of collaboration promotes the use of the right provider at the right time for the right reason – leading to healthier patients and lower cost care for everyone involved.


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