With the exception of salary, a competitive benefits package is the best way for employers to recruit and retain talented employees. According to multiple survey results, healthcare benefits are ranked by employees as the most important benefit a company can offer, eclipsing vacation time, pay raises, retirement plans or performance bonuses.

Due to increasing healthcare costs and changes in employee needs, it’s no longer enough for companies to simply offer a standard, broadly-defined health benefits package for all employees. Comprehensive benefits packages, tailored to the needs of individual employees, are becoming the favored choice of most American workers.

Offering Competitive Benefits

When employers offer greater flexibility, variety and convenience in their benefits packages, employees feel more appreciated. Implementing an onsite or near-site health center is one such benefit that a company can provide their employees that provides increased convenience and displays concern for their employees’ health and well-being. Onsite health centers are often cited by employees as the best benefit offered by their companies, and can serve as a key differentiator in a company’s ability to attract and retain the most talented, healthy and satisfied employees. Marathon Health has found a 96% employee satisfaction rate with our health centers across our board of business. In addition, on-site/near-site health centers can reduce a company’s bottom-line costs by reducing absenteeism/presenteeism rates and lowering rates of costly specialist visits or hospital admissions

A key factor in the success of an onsite or near-site health center is a properly managed incentive program. Companies can reward employees who take a proactive role in improving their own health (and the resulting reduction of employer costs associated with better health) by providing cost-reduction incentives. Examples of such incentives can include reducing insurance premium costs or adding to an HSA account when at-risk employees complete a Health Risk Assessment, engage in regular health coaching sessions for disease management/chronic conditions, or make lifestyle changes (i.e. diet, exercise, smoking cessation, etc.) that move them toward the standard of care for their condition.

Offering a competitive benefits package is the best way that employers can attract and retain talented employees. Recent studies and surveys show that a customized, outside-the-box approach to benefits is a key component to employee job satisfaction and retention. Implementing a Marathon Health onsite or near-site health center at your business is one such competitive benefit that can make your company stand out in your industry, as well as make a lasting impact on employee health, satisfaction and overall rates of top talent retention.


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