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April 22

Marathon Health, Inc. today announced its partnership with T.J. Regional Health to provide onsite health services for 1800 employees and dependents.

T.J. Regional Health, based in Glasgow, Ky., includes a 196-bed hospital and acute care facility, and the T.J. Pavilion, which opened in 2013, including outpatient services and physician’s offices. Using its MedicalHome@Work model, Marathon Health will provide onsite total population health management, patient advocacy, health assessments, health coaching, and disease management to health system employees and their families.

T.J. Regional Health contracted with Marathon Health as part of an overall effort to increase participation in primary and preventive care services, improve health risk profile, and reduce healthcare costs. Marathon Health’s total population health management model moves away from ‘sick care’ toward a solution focused on the whole person, not just their symptoms. The model is designed to help individuals across the health continuum maintain or improve their health status, while at the same time helping employers reduce the increasing burden of healthcare costs.

T.J. Regional Health CEO Bud Wethington said investing in onsite health will help employees and their families engage in personal health improvement.

“Over the past 12 months, T.J. Regional Health has focused on employee health and wellness as part of a strategy of excellence in medical care. We believe that our ability to fully serve and foster a sense of worth in our patients is only enhanced when each one of us individually strives to achieve our own optimal health,” said Wethington. “Our partnership with Marathon Health represents a significant investment in the health of the T.J. Regional Health community.”

Marathon Health CEO Jerry Ford said the MedicalHome@Work solution is a proven health management model and an approach ideal for health systems.

“We are seeing increasing interest among healthcare organizations in the tools, system, and support we provide to help individuals address their individual health challenges,” Ford said. “We believe the health of an organization begins with the health of its employees and will contribute to helping T.J. Regional Health achieve its objective of excellence in medical care, promoting health in the community, and delivering appropriate and compassionate care.”

Benji Marrs, a senior vice president with Benefit Insurance Marketing, which helped craft the innovative partnership, said T.J. Regional Health’s foresight to approve and support this significant investment on behalf of their greatest asset, the employee population, speaks volumes to the quality of their leadership and Board of Directors.

“This innovative partnership with Marathon Health places T.J. Regional Health in an elite class of employers nationwide,” Marrs said. “Redirecting the emphasis away from sick care and towards personal health improvement creates the best opportunity to re-shape an employee-based culture for overall success. We’re honored to be a part of it!”


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