The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in a shift of perspective for many. People are feeling the effects of this time differently. It is now more important than ever to stay connected and have compassion for those around you. For the healthcare workers and essential workers who have been on the front lines throughout this time, we recognize the challenges being faced on a professional and personal level. For those on the front lines, to our healthcare workers, we say thank you.

Since the middle of March, our healthcare workers have made over 220,000 outreach calls to patients. These calls were not only to follow up on appointments but also to talk and check in about how people are doing.

The outreach calls have revealed that many individuals are under stressful circumstances right now. Whether uncertainty for one’s own personal safety, job security, or economic stress, we understand the stresses are shared among healthcare and essential workers at the companies we serve. In an effort to support our healthcare workers, we made it a priority to support our staff to be resilient and best adjust to the current situation.

As a thank you to our healthcare workers, members of the corporate Marathon Health team in Winooski, Vermont, wrote thank you letters to our providers across the country. We hoped this tiny gesture reflects the immense gratitude we have for our clinical colleagues who are caring for patients during the pandemic and will increasingly be seeing patients in their health centers. We cannot thank our healthcare workers enough for all that they do for our patients. And our patients appreciate them too. Over the past few months, we received a 99.2 percent satisfaction rating overall from our patients.

“My provider is so great to talk to. I’ve been overcome by anxiety in the past and she helped me deal with some big feelings when I was feeling like I didn’t have control in certain areas of my life. Today, she was sure to check in on my stress levels and see how I’m feeling with working from home, and if I was having additional stress from family, work, or COVID-19 related stressors. She encouraged me to stay on track with getting physical exercise and take breaks because that always makes me feel better.”

During this time, the patient relationships with our clinical ambassadors have shown to provide insight into the needs of our patients and communities. These conversations allow us to meet patients where it is safest and most needed. This has been an important aspect for us when providing outreach to patients.

Corporate teams from Information Technology to Account Management, and beyond, have been sending their thanks to our healthcare workers providing this outreach and care:

“Our clinical ambassadors are very important to us here at headquarters. Despite working from home during this time balancing home life and work life, they are still managing to see or reach out to our patients while navigating this trying time. They have had to learn and adapt to a new virtual form of healthcare in such a short amount of time. I have had many conversations with ambassadors over these past few months and I am amazed at their level of patience and willingness to adapt to this new environment we are in. They have been absolute rock stars and we are so lucky to have them as our ambassadors.” – Danny McCaffrey, Clinical Applications Support Analyst

“I personally know the stress, determination, and responsibility we have in healthcare to support our patients and families during these uncertain times. Our clinical ambassadors are putting themselves in the path of this virus while others are doing their part by staying home. Sending thanks is the least we could do for the sacrifices they are making to continue treating and providing support to our patients, families, and customers. Because of our ambassadors, frontline healthcare workers, and essential business workers, we are saving lives and making a difference as we battle this disease.” – Jamie Burdick, Senior Clinical Support Specialist

“I am so impressed by the way our clinical ambassadors have been able to adapt to a totally new landscape of healthcare literally overnight. Clinicians learned to provide virtual care, and teams rolled up their sleeves and delivered on an enormous ask via the outreach initiative. All of this was accomplished while losing access to health centers, homeschooling children, missing extended families, and worrying about their own loved ones. The care that they have provided over the past few months is inspiring and truly embodies the spirit Marathon Health.” – Jennifer Moore, Account Manager

So, to our healthcare workers – on behalf of all of us at Marathon Health, our customers, and our patients, thank you. Thank you for providing compassionate and meaningful care during this time. Thank you for the incredible work you have always done, and continue to do, in service of providing the highest-quality care for patients and their families across the country.


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