Patient navigation and care coordination are crucial to our future of health approach, as discussed in our recent whitepaper. At Marathon Health, clinical data is used to monitor patient needs and guide interventions. In addition, care teams and patient navigators directly engage with patients to build trusting relationships.

How Does Patient Navigation Support Your Employees?

  • Facilitate and improve care coordination and referrals
  • Coordinate transitions of care between ambulatory and inpatient settings
  • Provide in-depth research and advice on pharmaceutical utilization by finding equivalents for better value and enabling patients to make value-based decisions

Our navigators also focus on addressing applicable social determinants of health by connecting patients to resources such as support groups, financial or stress management programs, EAP, local community services, and transportation services. Patient navigators have become especially important during the COVID-19 pandemic as in-person care has commonly been deferred as a way to minimize potential exposure and to preserve resources within community health systems.

It is through our dedication and support of our patients that we have developed our future of health approach. Find more ways we’re taking this to heart and lighting the way towards a brighter future of health. Check out our solutions here.


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