We wanted to spread some holiday cheer as the year comes to an end, but in this case, we’re using cheer as a verb.

Recently, we asked Marathon Health clinicians at locations across the country to share some of the success stories they’ve had working with employees at the onsite health centers. We were astounded by the number of stories we received that were truly inspiring. We decided to post a few here so you can see the hard work and determination these individuals have displayed to lead healthier lives. They deserve our praise and encouragement. Way to go everyone!

A 39-year-old female had been hesitant to try “another diet program” because she had lost weight in the past and then gained more than she lost. She had high blood pressure, very little energy, and even less hope. After noticing the success some of her colleagues had with the Marathon Health weight control program, she decided to try it. In just over the last 11 months, she lost 80.1 pounds, is exercising regularly 6 or 7 days a week, and has stabilized her blood pressure to within normal ranges. She has much more energy, and most of all, has hope that she can achieve and maintain good health.

A 56-year-old male employee visited one of our clinics eight months ago and began exhibiting signs and symptoms of depression, including articulating feelings of hopelessness, despair over general life issues, excessive sleeping and difficulty concentrating. A clinician assisted and sat with him while he took a Patient Health Questionnaire (PHQ9), the results of which indicated he was “severely depressed.” The clinician coordinated a visit to his primary care physician for evaluation and assessment of depression and provided a printout of the results of his PHQ9. He was formally diagnosed and began medication. He returned to our clinic for depression disease management. Since then, the clinician has been able to assist him in accessing support resources, including therapy, through his workplace EAP. He has made steady progress and came in recently smiling for the first time in a very long time. He is happier, stable and his attendance at work has improved dramatically.

A diabetic woman in her early 30’s who had not been managing her diabetes well for the past several years came in to one of our clinics last summer expressing interest in having a baby. She had a Hemoglobin A1c in the high 10’s, and we had to discuss the risks of having a baby with uncontrolled diabetes. She understood the importance of managing this better, but still wasn’t ready to make it happen. She again came into the clinic a couple of months ago and informed the clinician that she was newly pregnant. She had started to take her insulin regularly, checking her glucose 6 times per day, and was working at getting her diabetes under control for her unborn child. When the clinician drew her fingerstick poke for a Hemoglobin A1c, the monitor indicated she was now just over 7 and near the target range. She has been coming in monthly for diabetic health coaching and monitoring of A1c (now under 7), and is also getting in regularly to see her primary care physician and endocrinologist. She has the motivation now and said she will continue to use the clinic for accountability, information, and feedback with lab tracking.

We hope you enjoyed these stories. They really remind us of why we do what we do!


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