Considering an onsite, near-site or virtual healthcare center for your employees? Use this guide to find the best partner during the RFP process.

As a leader, you want the best for your employees, including high-quality healthcare. Employer-sponsored onsite and near-site Network health centers and virtual care options continue to increase among all employers, along with health coaching, behavioral health and physical therapy services. If you’re considering finding the best employer healthcare partner, the first step is to submit a request for proposal (RFP).

The RFP document lists out questions you’d like your potential healthcare partner to answer. If you’re considering an employee healthcare partner, their responses will give you an in-depth overview of how they’ll support your employees’ healthcare needs. Our guide provides the basic structure of the RFP process, as well as some frequently asked questions to consider.

Step 1

A cover sheet with the name of the employer-sponsored healthcare vendor.

Step 2

An executive summary of your company. And, optional, how an employer healthcare partner can help you meet your company priorities and objectives.

Examples of additional information that is often included in the executive summary:

• A company overview and background
• The current number of employees, dependents and their current benefits structure
• A description of services you’re interested in for your employees
• Instructions on how/where to submit the answers to the RFP questions
• A timeline of when the RFP will be completed
• The goal(s) you want to achieve

Step 3

Decide what questions you’d like a potential employer healthcare partner to answer. Include questions about operations, the health center model and cost structure.

Download the Marathon Health RFP Guide below to see the full list of example questions that you may want to consider asking.

RFP Guide for Employer Health Centers

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