Marathon Health wants to give a huge thank you to our nurses on National Nurses Day. They genuinely care for our members, helping to guide them on transforming their health, day in and day out.  We appreciate all they do!

Members continually share just how much they value the nurses who have work closely with them to improve their health. Read some of the recent glowing comments from our members who have benefited from Marathon Health nurses by their side:


“I can honestly say Sharon Reddish, FNP, saved my life. Today, my health has taken a complete 180 and my confidence in healthcare has been restored.” — Member Joanna DiPeppe


Heather Staley, FNP, researched local 5K races, sent me running articles and even offered to meet with me on Saturdays to run.” — Member Phaedra Ginger


Mary Nordhues, RN health coach, never used guilt, tough love or strong-handed tactics … throughout the entire tobacco cessation process. I stopped smoking before the end of my 16 weeks.” — Member Dwane Flinn


Dawna Willis, FNP, was very helpful. My weight is down, my blood pressure has improved, and my feet aren’t swollen anymore!” — Member Michael Keaton


Marqueta Seeuws, FNP, ran a program for individuals with diabetes. She held me accountable. Today, I feel 100 times healthier.” — Member Charlotte Blue


“Every day has its challenges, but Kimberly Corn, RN, made me feel as if I were her only patient. Kimberly coached me on how to get my diabetes under control with diet and medications. I’m [now] in my best shape since high school.” — Member David Fulmer


Elizabeth Dunklau, FNP, at Marathon Health, talked with me about the foods I should eat. [We] also created an exercise plan to fit my busy life. I’ve lost 32 pounds in just three months!” — Member Carlos Romero Trejo


Marathon Health’s Desiree Outlaw, FNP, became my health coach. From the beginning, she encouraged me through her own stories and let me share my experience. Just lending an ear is really all I needed to get started.” — Member Whitney Weaver-Powell


To read more about how our nurses and health care teams helped Marathon Health members, read our full Success Stories. 

Marathon Health nurses work with an integrated care team to improve the health of our members. If you’re interested in joining our team, check out our Careers!

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