At Marathon Health we have been working hard to grow and improve our business, and it is rewarding to see that our hard work is paying off. Read about some of the recent awards and recognitions we have received within the past few months.  

Marathon Health Named Fastest Growing Business in Vermont 

Sep 15, 2016

We are very excited to announce that Marathon Health was named the fastest growing business in Vermont over the past five years by Vermont Business Magazine at its awards ceremony held this week in Burlington. Marathon Health achieved a 900% growth rate in this time period. Each year, Vermont Business Magazine recognizes businesses in five categories –employee owned, manufacturing, services, technology, and wholesale businesses. Marathon Health was first in the services category as well as all other categories to be the top growth company in the state.

“The growth trajectory that we have experienced at Marathon Health can be attributed to several factors,” said our CEO Jerry Ford. “First, it’s about our people. We believe if you empower people to fulfill their passion, service excellence and growth follow. Second, it’s about exceeding our customers’ expectations, and lastly, it’s about staying true to why you are in business in the first place. At Marathon Health, we are in the business of changing healthcare and changing health – and we collaborate with customers and patients to make it work. On behalf of our great people, we are honored to receive this recognition from Vermont Business Magazine.”

Marathon Health Named One of Three Finalists for Deane C. Davis Award

May 8th, 2017

Each year, one Vermont company is selected to be the Deane C. Davis Outstanding Business of the Year for meeting the highest standard of excellence through:

  • Continued growth in the number of employees or sales
  • Commitment of company resources to community projects
  • Recognition of the environment as a natural and economic resource for Vermont
  • Creation of a positive work environment for all employees

The Vermont Chamber of Commerce created the Deane C. Davis Award in 1990 to recognize a Vermont business that shows an outstanding history of sustained growth while displaying an acute awareness of what makes Vermont unique.

In a recent announcement about the top three finalists—Marathon Health, Union Mutual, and Vermont Creamery—Vermont Business Magazine wrote, “In showcasing the essence of business growth while maintaining a strong commitment to the wellbeing of employees and the community, Marathon Health has risen to the top and easily stands among the top three competitors for the Deane C. Davis Outstanding Business of the Year distinction.”

We are honored to be among the finalists for this prestigious award, and look forward to the final announcement at the Best of Business Awards on May 11.


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