This question is one that we should all ask ourselves – why do we do what we do? More specifically, why do we do the work that we do? When people have a sense of purpose at work, there is often more innovation and passion. Each week, we have been asking our ambassadors their why for what they do.

The responses have been a true testament to our amazing ambassadors and the work they do every day to provide patients with unparalleled care.

Let’s kick things off with a poem by our clinical team at Wilkinson Blvd in Charlotte, NC:

Our “Why” is simply “Why not?”
Why not go to work because we know that it is an opportunity to make a significant difference in someone’s life?
Why not go to work and give back to the community?
Why not go to work and lead by example?

Why not go to work and show your ambassadors and patients that you respect and care for them?
Why not go to work and practice Marathon Health’s vision of caring?
Lastly, why not go to work to laugh and enjoy each other’s company (we are, after all, our extended family).

When you love what you do and the people you work with,
then the reason why, is simply “why not?”

From our clinical ambassadors interacting with patients to our business ambassadors supporting the patient journey – our ambassadors have a passion for making a difference in people’s lives and their health. It’s not our work, it’s our passion.

“Now more than ever, connection is key! Having the time to spend with our patients, getting to know who they are and what they would like to achieve is so important. With this connection, we are able to embolden patients to define their goals and move toward better health.” – Cretex Clinical Team in Minneapolis, MN

“When we see a “Healthy Like Me” story hanging on the wall from a patient at a health center, it’s a reminder that in our own small way, we were a part of that patient’s journey to better health, and that’s our why for doing what we do.” – The Proposals Team

“Our team loves making a positive difference in people’s lives. We embrace working for a cause that we all believe in and supporting people to live with increased wellbeing and ease. We are passionate about serving our patients, our customers, our local communities, and Marathon Nation.” – The Behavioral Health Team

Hear what our patients have to say – their stories speak for themselves.


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