It’s not every day we get recognized alongside Hulu.

A hearty congratulations is in order for the team behind the Marathon Health Intranet, which yesterday received an honorable mention in Ragan’s 2016 Intranet Awards for Best Employee Intranet. Thank you and congratulations to Amy Lefevre, Heather Soler, Meghan MacDerment, Bill Campbell, Kate Annis, and Tracey Moran for helping make our Ambassador’s Intranet a nationally recognized leader. And special shout out to Drew Arnold for writing and submitting our application.

With more than 1 million readers, Ragan’s Healthcare Communication News is the largest web-based healthcare communication news site in the United States. To be recognized is quite an accomplishment, especially considering the top honor in our category went to television streaming service Hulu. To be able to even compete with a company that large speaks volumes about the quality of our Ambassador’s Intranet.

Thank you to all of our ambassadors across Marathon Nation who contribute and spend time on our Intranet. This is very much a full team effort.


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