Improving health takes more than a quick visit, pill, or band-aid. Better health takes longer appointment times, getting to the root cause of the health concerns, and a sustainable plan to maintain better health.

Unlike retail clinics and urgent care centers, worksite healthcare provides a holistic approach to health for a better patient experience, and improved healthcare.

Empowering Employees to Improve Health

When you empower people to take control of their health, they begin to develop positive behaviors, make smarter decisions, and improve their health. Worksite healthcare partners with your organization to tailor healthcare, education, and programming to the needs of your unique workforce.

“I decided to sign up for the Winning at Losing Weight-Loss Challenge with the Kwik Trip Center for Health to help me lose weight, learn about healthy eating, and to stay accountable for my health. I saw Angela Hammond, RN, health coach for a biometric screening to help me understand where my numbers were compared to where they should be. Having support from my family, co-workers, and Angie has helped me stay accountable, week by week.” – Desiree, Marathon Health patient, Kwik Trip employee, and winner of Healthy Like Me.

Employees spend at least one third of their day at the worksite, which provides an excellent opportunity for employers to promote healthy living. Through a partnership, we can provide high quality clinical care and health coaching while engaging employees in health education programs such as diabetes self-management education, nutrition classes, ergonomic testing, and wellness challenges. This approach shows your workforce how to stay healthy and motivates them to take an active role in their health.

Quality Time for Quality Care

According to a recent Reuters report, “shorter consultation times have been linked to poorer health for patients and burnout for doctors. With longer appointments, you see more health promotion and conversation with patients.”

Whether a patient comes in for a sick visit or chronic condition coaching, our providers connect with our patients using motivational interviewing and appreciative inquiry. It starts with longer appointment times – typically 30 minutes – where clinicians have the time to build relationships with their patients to understand their health concerns, set goals, and provide more empathetic, informed care.

At Marathon Health, 58 percent of our patients are engaged with their health center. Better yet, 72 percent of patients with costly chronic conditions are actively improving their health at their worksite health center.

By working directly with your organization, worksite health clinicians understand the needs of your workforce and the total population while serving each, individual patient. Through this partnership, your employees receive the support and guidance they need for long-lasting health improvement.


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