Whether you’re setting a year-long resolution or a life-long wellness goal, sticking to a routine can be challenging. Life events, a busy schedule, fatigue, and even fear can all be factors that lead to loss of motivation. Such roadblocks are common and often recognized by health coaches. With this in mind, here are several ideas to help keep your patients on track.

Keep members on their path to wellness with these tips

Encourage check-ins
Meeting regularly can be incredibly beneficial for setting and maintaining wellness goals. Encouraging regular meetings regarding progress and routine can also be a great way to evaluate which strategies are working and what might need to be changed. It will allow time for the patient to reflect on what they have achieved and revisit what they would like to focus on. Offering weekly, monthly, or even yearly appointments as appropriate is a great way to achieve ongoing success.

Support in Numbers
Research suggests that individuals are more likely to stay accountable with the support of someone who may be working towards a similar goal. In short – the buddy system works. In the corporate setting, our patients have seen great success utilizing company-sponsored fitness challenges or wellness support groups. Discuss whether a program like this might be helpful and if a co-worker or loved one might be available to help support the patient in this way.

As the saying goes, “eyes on the prize”, and who doesn’t love prizes?! Aside from the physical benefits of keeping up with wellness initiatives, establishing relevant rewards for progress and success are helpful for maintaining interest and motivation. We recommend including rewards for wellness program participants including small gifts as well as financial incentives as part of a company’s benefits package.

Send in Reinforcement
Sometimes a simple reminder can make a great difference when it comes to wellness. Helpful tools include educational handouts, a journal or log to track progress, or assistance with digital reminders including fitness apps and nutrition trackers. Posters, flyers, and other displays can also be a helpful reminder for health awareness.


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