Onsite health centers are quickly becoming the solution that many insurance brokers are turning to in order to help their clients increase the productivity, health, and retention of their employees, while at the same time reducing healthcare claims and direct costs. Onsite healthcare boosts employee satisfaction.

Brokers play an important role in the process of on-site health center adoption. They are often the catalyst for adoption as they understand how the benefit plan structure and the on-site health center can work together to drive engagement and results (reduced cost of healthcare) for the employer. Onsite health services increase access to care, provide high quality care, and improve the benefits mix offered to the employees, all while helping the employer’s bottom line. Using this approach, for example, the Lexington-Fayette Urban County Government saved $24 million by adding this benefit for city and county employees.

Onsite health centers help employers become leaders in the community and an attractive option for employees.

Look at These Results From our Recent Employee Satisfaction Surveys

At three Marathon Health centers we have 100 percent patient satisfaction. Across our book of business patient satisfaction is 95 percent.

These survey comments below explain why:

  • “Vance and Kim have done a GREAT job with helping us through my health issues.  Vance calls to check on me to see how I am doing and also takes a lot of time with my husband. He shows us concern about our health and answers our questions. Shows us other ways besides always issuing med’s, as in eating better, need to lose weight, sleep, etc.  Brea is new and already I see a very caring person can’t wait for her coaching classes.”
  • “Didn’t run me thru appointment like at my regular Doctors. Took time to ask questions and give advice on my health.”
  • “Best visit to a medical facility possible.”
  • “This clinic is absolutely the best I have been to and will always be my first choice. Amelia and Sara are wonderful and go above and beyond in all they do.”
  • “Gomathi and Kenya are excellent at what they do.  They really care about the patient.  Gomathi will provide additional information, if needed.  She works to treat the whole person.”
  • “I feel that the staff celebrates with me as I strive to live a healthier lifestyle!”
  • “I absolutely love Wellnet. The friendly ladies there have helped me turn my life around. I went in once for a free health assessment and ended up going back to coaching sessions to help me manage my weight, stress and throughout my visits they have really helped me manage many aspects of my life. I can’t thank all of the ladies enough.”

We partner with organizations who share our vision—that people come first, and that when you take care of your people, all the “downstream” metrics like productivity and customer satisfaction take care of themselves.  We have the greatest impact with organizations that have a strong mandate from senior leadership to implement a coordinated, multi-pronged strategy to reduce health care spend and cultivate an environment where employees can thrive.


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