Case Study: Connecting Health and Business Performance

August 28, 2019

The motto at Lincoln Industries is “Innovation Inspired,” and it shows. In 2017, HealthNext, a research firm dedicated to measuring wellness and business performance, found Lincoln Industries set a new benchmark for high-performing companies. Lincoln Industries joined a global club of elite businesses dedicated to a healthy workforce and a healthy bottom line.

Two notable factors led to their success: Lincoln Industries’ highly engaged company wellness culture and HealthyU, the onsite health center operated by Marathon Health.


At Lincoln Industries, company leadership recognized that controlling claims costs required a new strategy. They needed to connect the health of their employees to tangible business results.

Marathon Health’s population health management model allowed Lincoln Industries to identify health risks, develop health programming to directly address those risks, and capture savings. Free onsite healthcare was the perfect complement to Lincoln Industries’ leading-edge benefit plan and highly engaged workforce. As a result, they improved employee health and lowered total claims costs.

Collaboration Captures Savings

Lincoln Industries selected Marathon Health as their onsite health partner to engage people in their own health, use the health center as their health program hub, and deliver results. Building upon Lincoln Industries’ commitment to health and wellness, Marathon Health integrates health and safety initiatives into the health center’s patient-centered care model.

  • Incentives for premium reductions are managed through the health center.
  • Marathon Health delivers turn-key health promotion and communication materials.
  • Health center offers health promotion programs, such as Fuel for Performance and 12-Week Jump Start.
  • Technical integration with third-party programs focuses on diabetes and obesity management to enhance patient-provider relationships with real-time data.
  • Clinical staff develops fitness plans for employees to use at Lincoln Industries’ onsite fitness center.

Achieving Value

At Lincoln Industries, wellness is a business strategy. Their onsite healthcare benefit positions them as a competitive employer in the industry and leads to hard dollar savings through reduced claims costs and improved productivity.

Lincoln Industries’ wellness policies and onsite health benefits demonstrate that by building a culture dedicated to individual health improvement, the company as a whole prospers.


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