Community giving is important, especially during the turbulent times that many are experiencing. Uncertainty has a way of bringing people together – now more than ever, we must focus on our communities. Those who need it most might be in our own backyard.

Marathon Health’s culture focuses on giving back and sparking inspiration for our ambassadors to be active members in their local communities. In the spirit of giving back, we’d like to shine a spotlight on one of our ambassadors who has done exactly that.

Jody Joseph, NP at the OurHealth Braun Clinic, learned about a young woman from Fowler, IN, who has been selling painted rocks to raise money for a wheelchair accessible vehicle ahead of her 16th birthday.

Jody is a nurse practitioner who has practiced for the past two years at the health center we operate for BraunAbility, the leading manufacturer of wheelchair accessible vehicles and wheelchair lifts.

Understanding the importance of mobility and personal independence, it felt like the right thing to do – to donate the van rather than sell it. “As soon as I read Breanne’s story, I thought, this is where our van is going. I had goosebumps. She was the one,” said Jody.

“I have four kids ages 17, 20, 21, and 24 years old; to see how excited they were to finally get to drive is a rite of passage – a milestone,” said Jody. “With this van, this young woman will be completely independent. To make her dream of doing that one day a reality only one week before her 16th birthday is a miracle and so empowering.”

When she told BraunAbility about her plans for the van, they stepped up to help. Over the past four weeks, BraunAbility has worked long hours and weekends to refurbish the van to its highest potential.

Good thoughts, good words, good deeds, as Freddie Mercury once said,” said Jody. “The fact that my son saw the story, I owned this van, and have a relationship with BraunAbility – it all came together perfectly. Taking care of others is what I do. It is why I chose this profession as a nurse practitioner. Doing the right thing and being there for others is what brings me joy.”


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