Simple Exercise Strategies for Your Employees

June 15, 2017

New Year’s resolutions come and go, but keeping your employees enthusiastic about their health goals should remain a top priority through, specifically through exercise strategies. As you strive to support your employee population, here are several solutions to consider to keep them inspired.

5 Effective Exercise Strategies to Implement

1. One is too small a number. Don’t try to be the Lone Ranger savior- elicit the support of local gyms, yoga studios, and fitness centers through discounted memberships for your employees. Negotiate a mass discount your employees can tap into at as many local fitness centers as possible.

2. Team competitions. Encourage employees to build their own teams and report back to you to earn rewards. If you are seeking a way to get a large number of employees involved and track progress electronically, consider an app like MyChallengeTrackerPortal. Make sure your employees are aware that the app will display their progress and have them sign a consent form prior to participating.

3. Body weight exercises. Body weight exercises are a safe, easy way to organize challenges that cater to a variety of fitness levels. You can do simple challenges surrounding body exercise that encourage your employees to move.

Example: 50 days of 50.

  • Create an exercise calendar for the next 50 work days, each day containing a different body weight exercise. Squats, push-ups, jumping jacks, sit-ups, single leg squats, inch worms, burpees, front kicks, back kicks, etc.
  • Provide simple instructions : “As an organization, for the next 50 days at 12pm, we want as many people as possible participating in the 50 for 50 challenge.” Create a #hashtag or Facebook page for employees to post pictures of their offices/teams participating and reward the team with the largest participation.

4. Rewards. Reward your employees with items that are health-focused. Consider things like:

  • 1 week subscription to Hello Fresh, or other healthy food delivery service
  • Gift card to an athletic store
  • Gift certificate for cooking classes
  • Gift card to a local yoga studio
  • A fitness tracking device.

5. Local trainers. Bring in local trainers and exercise specialists to conduct lunch and learn sessions for your employees on Couch to 5K programs and other fitness challenges, as well as to answer questions about fitness routines.

While concepts are boundless, no one has a better pulse on your employee population than you. For a more precise strategy, poll your employees to discover ideas they are most likely to respond to when it comes to their own fitness goals.


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