Drug prices continue to be the fastest growing cost in healthcare, with brand medication prescriptions increasing by 98.2% since 2011. Major drivers of increased pharmacy spend, and decreased pharmacy savings, have been new treatment medications, compounded medications, the consolidation of brand and generic drug manufacturers, and supply chain shortages. These challenges are unprecedented and expected to increase in the coming years.

Rising pharmacy costs directly impact your workforce. According to a recent Bloomberg survey “one in five adults in the U.S. said they failed to complete a prescribed course of medicine because of cost.” Americans are finding it difficult to afford medications which leads to dangerous consequences.

“During my pregnancy, I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes, then Type 2 diabetes. I was having a hard time affording my insulin and the cost of the medication only added to my stress. Cindy Heavican, our family nurse practitioner at Marathon Health, listened to my health and financial concerns. She was very patient with me during our first meeting. After our conversation, she found a way for me to obtain my insulin at an affordable price. She is now working with me and my primary care provider to manage my health.” – Martha, Marathon Health patient, employee at Cargill, and winner of Healthy Like Me

Gain Control of Pharmacy Costs

Pharmacy cost containment is a top priority for our customers and we continuously evaluate solutions to reduce overall pharmacy expenses for organizations and their employees. At Marathon Health, our health centers include medication dispensing at the worksite. Providing generic medication conveniently at the point of care improves access and delivers savings.

“We wanted to remove any barriers to healthcare access. At Laitram, you can go to the health center at no charge. We dispense generic medications from the health center that the nurse practitioners are allowed to dispense at no charge. Again, there’s no cost for getting those medications. And if they don’t have the medication they can always send in an electronic prescription to their local pharmacy, be it Walmart or Walgreens, or whatever it may be.” – Franck LaBiche, human resources director, Laitram

To develop the right pharmacy solution for your organization, we analyze the pharmacy claims data of your most commonly prescribed medications to determine which can be better priced through our pharmacy supplier. Our approach delivers an average 92 percent discount on average wholesale price (AWP) because we recommend a customized formulary for your health center that replaces high-cost brand name drugs with lower-cost, generic and therapeutic alternatives. Developing smarter formularies is at the core of an effective pharmacy saving solution.

5 Options Tailored to Your Workforce

Our goal is to ensure delivery of the lowest cost solution while effectively improving the health of your workforce. We offer five pharmacy solutions to be utilized on their own or in combination creating an effective pharmaceutical plan to achieve savings.

  1. Onsite dispensing
  2. Mail order
  3. Sav-Rx Card program
  4. Onsite pharmacy services
  5. Concierge services

Worksite healthcare allows your organization to design, implement, and manage employee healthcare benefits to improve the health of your workforce and reduce healthcare spend. By adding onsite pharmacy benefits to your health center, you’re enhancing your ability to control rising costs for both your organization and your workforce.


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