From The Wall Street Journal

April 18, 2013

BURLINGTON, VT— Marathon Health, Inc. today announced an agreement with Duncan Aviation to serve as the business aircraft service provider’s onsite health services provider at two of its offices.

Under the agreement, Marathon Health will provide primary care, health assessments, lifestyle coaching, and disease management services to nearly 1,800 Duncan Aviation employees and 2,500 dependents at locations in Battle Creek, Mich. and Lincoln, Neb. The health centers are scheduled to open this summer.

Duncan Aviation’s goals and objectives in implementing worksite healthcare included increasing employee participation in primary and preventive care/screening services, offering employees convenient access to high-quality healthcare, and reducing healthcare-related costs. Duncan Aviation is recognized as a visionary in the aviation industry and emphasizes a workplace culture that is collaborative, innovative and efficient.

“Duncan Aviation has an established culture of wellness, so our team members are excited about having an onsite health facility available to them, their spouses and their kids,” said Michael Cox, Duncan Aviation’s Vice President of Human Resources, “It is an excellent benefit and we are looking forward to working with Marathon Health to provide these valuable and convenient health and wellness services.”

Marathon Health specializes in total population health management. Through a comprehensive health review that includes biometric screenings, health assessments, and health review session, Marathon Health is able to reach employees and their families, and work with those with health-risk factors to help them achieve their goals of leading healthier and longer lives. By helping inspire people to lead healthier lives, Marathon Health in turn helps employers stabilize healthcare costs.

“Inspiring people to understand and care about their health is the foundation of what we do at Marathon Health,” said Marathon Health CEO Jerry Ford. “Duncan Aviation joins Lincoln Industries, IMSCORP, and Baldwin Filters as part of our family of employers in Nebraska where we work to promote and enhance the culture of health they have established.”

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