The summer season is a busy time for many. Between finding care for kids home from school, making the most of the nice weather, and covering for vacationing colleagues, it can quickly become the most unproductive time of the year at work. Employers may notice a decline in performance as a result of increased stress and fatigue among their employees.

Finances, altered sleep patterns, overbooked schedules, and body image issues are common influencers. According to the National Alliance on Mental illness, increased sunlight or high temperatures can contribute to summer seasonal affective disorder. Individuals suffering from summertime stressors may be prone to short tempers or difficulty concentrating in the workplace resulting in low morale and strain on professional relationships.

At Marathon Health, we believe that it is important to recognize the good that our Ambassadors, and our members, bring to the world everyday. We celebrate success and positivity because it motivates us to dig deep and find the inner strength to push forward and continue transforming lives everyday.

Generating awareness and solutions to stress can help to improve emotional wellness in the workplace and maintain productivity. There are a variety of programs and educational sessions structured to help promote good health year round. Such programs include tips for stress management, as well as challenges to promote fitness and healthy weight. Participants are armed with information to make positive choices essential to emotional and physical wellness. Similar programs can be implemented in your workplace and may also include one or many of the following strategies.

Corporate Emotional Wellness Program Ideas:

Give the gift of time

During the summer, normal routines and sleep schedules go out the window. Allowing relative flexibility for employees to take the time they need to be with their family, relax, and focus on home life may alleviate some distraction and stress.

Make it easy to make good choices

As noted by Mashable, a survey by the food service company Seamless found that “60% of respondents say having food at the office reduces personal stress levels.” Summer cookouts can lead to a period of overeating or unhealthy food choices. Make it easy for your employees to make good food choices by providing access to healthy options. A supply of fresh fruit in the break room, or nutritious choices at lunch can be a great break and even a reminder to maintain a healthy diet.

Promote a Cause

Whether you’re donating time or materials, coming together as an organization to help those in need can be a great way to boost morale and maintain teamwork. Doing so will also allow your employees to act as ambassadors of wellness and wellbeing in your community.

Provide Support

Providing resources for your employees to receive counseling and physical care can help those who are feeling the effects of stress physically or emotionally. Encourage and promote these resources in advance of busy seasons for optimal utilization.


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