The Marathon Health Difference

Innovation is not simply the invention of a new idea, but the process of putting those ideas into practice to bring about significant change. Since 2005, Marathon Health has operated with a mission to change healthcare delivery, to change healthcare, and to ultimately change health in this country.

As a leading provider of onsite and near-site health centers for employers across the nation, we measure change by the achievement of improved health outcomes, patient satisfaction, and reduced healthcare cost in every population we care for. Our most important drivers of innovation are in each patient encounter and through supporting the needs of our customers by improving their individual and workforce population health.

Marathon Health’s efforts were recently recognized and awarded 2020 Best in KLAS in the worksite health services category with an overall score of an A and a 98% satisfaction rating based on customer interviews. As the report states, “Marathon Health is the clear performance leader in this market. Clients report decreased insurance costs, positive health outcomes (including improved management of weight and chronic conditions), and high satisfaction with the firm’s wellness and lifestyle coaching and proactive approach to employee health.”

In the strategic expertise category, Marathon Health was ranked highest among all worksite health vendors reviewed. One reason for this ranking is our innovative inclusion of social and economic determinants of health into our care philosophy and practice. At our core, we understand that health is more than a collection of genetic and behavioral factors. We treat the whole person, not just the acute symptoms they are presenting when they visit a Marathon Health provider.

Our strategic work with social and economic determinants of health supports our providers and patients in a deeper, more engaged healthcare experience. We provide clinicians with tools that aid in verifying and documenting each patient’s social and economic needs which can then inform individualized patient navigation. Our clinicians use in-network resources to make connections with local health systems, health departments, community health resources, and social service agencies. This tailored clinical effort improves health outcomes for patients like James, whose provider supported him in processing and managing his cancer treatment and recovery.

Healthcare innovation at the clinical level is a partnership with forward-thinking Human Resource leaders and companies that entrust Marathon Health with the health of their workforce. Because our customers consistently ask for ways to better understand the unique factors that contribute to the health of their workforce — we can truly collaborate with them to incorporate lifestyle factors that affect health outcomes.

“Our designation as Best in KLAS for worksite health services is a reflection of the partnerships we have with our customers in working together to transform healthcare,” said Jerry Ford, CEO, Marathon Health.

Innovation and action go hand-in-hand; it takes time, understanding, and knowledge of resources to support each patient on their journey towards improved health. Our recognition as 2020 Best in KLAS for worksite health services affirms that the work we are doing matters to our patients and customers, and also pushes us to continuously innovate new and impactful ways to improve population health.


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