One in Five Americans Suffer from a Mental Health Disorder

Mental health issues such as stress, anxiety, depression and substance abuse contribute to high turnover, burnout, exhaustion, and decreased motivation in the workplace. Employers carry the cost and productivity burden of mental health issues with more than 70 million lost work days each year. For substance abuse alone, drug and alcohol instances cost the U.S. $276 billion each year. And for the immeasurable loss and tragedy associated with accidental death and suicide from mental illness, the need for increased access to mental health services is clear. 

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Comprehensive Behavioral Health Services

Accessing mental health services can be challenging. Obstacles include social stigma, long waits for appointments, and poor quality of care. Recognizing that mental health is a key contributor to overall wellbeing, Marathon Health offers comprehensive behavioral health counseling services at our worksite health centers. 

Behavioral health counseling services are provided by master's level licensed clinical mental health counselors who are trained in patient-centered, outcomes-based therapy and delivering mental health and wellness care to individuals, couples and families. The counselors can lead group sessions and educational workshops to promote overall wellbeing in the workplace. Topics may include substance abuse, relationships, stress, anxiety, anger management, and self-image.

Worksite Behavioral Health Provides:

  • Increased access to mental health counseling
  • Collaboration between the health center provider and counselors for medication management, referrals, and care coordination
  • Reduced stigma for mental health issues
  • Improvements in productivity and turnover
  • Hard dollar savings from redirected care

See a 10% Increase in Productivity and 5% reduction in turnover

As a result of Marathon Health's mental health services, our customers see a 2:1 ROI for redirected care, coordination with the onsite provider, and medication management; with productivity and turnover gains, our customers see a 3:1 ROI. Our customers also see substantive reductions in rates of depression, anxiety, substance abuse, and domestic violence.