The Next Generation of Workforce Health and Wellness

Worksite health centers reduce costs.  We keep healthy people healthy, prevent chronic conditions, and help people manage their chronic conditions through easy, accessible onsite healthcare centers. It's a win-win.

onsite-health-clinicsProviding Better Care

Our onsite health centers provide primary care services supported by a partnership between the patient and the caregiver. With longer appointment times and health coaching, relationships develop that remove the obstacles to achieving optimal health.

Improving Workforce Health

Our primary care services are a tool for engaging people in their own health. In fact, our health center provide about 90 percent of the primary and acute care services covered by primary care physicians. Beyond that, our clinicians focus on preventative care and encourage good lifestyle habits among your staff, contributing to healthier, more fulfilling lives. 

Tailored to Your Company

In the spirit of knowing that no two companies are the same, we customize our clinics to your business. Our trained implementation and account management specialists can show you ways to create an onsite health center that will meet your health and wellness objectives.

Improving Your Business

Our mission is to inspire people to lead healthier lives. In turn, we help employers stabilize healthcare costs. With a goal of reducing medical costs, enhancing productivity, and improving access to care, forward-thinking companies choose onsite healthcare. ln response to rising insurance premiums, 30% of companies now provide onsite health services to their employees. According to benefits consultant Mercer, onsite health centers are becoming the new normal.

Our onsite health centers will show improvements in costs, quality of care, and burden of illness. Plus, we provide a variety of monthly and annual reports to demonstrate risk management metrics and the ROI that comes from a healthier workforce.