It’s normal to have a lot on our minds as we navigate these unprecedented circumstances. We want to help you maintain a healthy lifestyle while you’re developing a new day-to-day routine. Check back weekly for tips regarding at-home fitness options, staying socially connected, managing stress, and information about additional healthcare services available at your Marathon Health center. We’re here to help.

Stress can't stop your successWELLNESS RESOURCE Stress cant stop your success ENG thumbnail
El estrés no puede detener tu éxito (en Espanol)

Keep your head clearWELLNESS RESOURCE Mindfulness ENG THUMBNAIL
Mantén la mente despejada (en Espanol)

Staying physically activeCOVID19 - Patient Engagement Flyer - At-Home Fitness v4 THUMBNAIL
Mantenerse activo físicamente (en Espanol)

Healthy Eating: BreakfastWELLNESS RESOURCE Healthy Eating-Breakfast THUMBNAIL
Alimentación saludable: Desayuno (en Espanol)

Healthy Eating: SnackingWELLNESS RESOURCE Healthy Eating - Snacking ENG THUMBNAIL
Alimentación saludable: Botanas (en Espanol)

Healthy Eating: LunchWELLNESS RESOURCE Healthy Eating - Lunch ENG thumbnail
Alimentación Saludable: Almuerzo (en Espanol)

Healthy Eating: DinnerCOVID19 - Patient Engagement Flyer - Dinner_THUMBNAIL
Alimentación saludable: La cena (en Espanol)

Managing Seasonal AllergiesCOVID19 - Patient Engagement Flyer - Allergies_THUMBNAIL
Manejando Alergias Estacionales (en Espanol)

Staying Healthy at WorkCOVID19 - Patient Engagement Flyer - Safety Tips_THUMBNAIL
Cómo mantenernos sanos en el trabajo (en Espanol)

The Importance of SleepCOVID19 - Patient Engagement Flyer - Sleep_THUMBNAIL
La importancia del sueño (en Espanol)

We are committed to keeping you safe.COVID19 - Patient Engagement Flyer - Center Safety_THUMBNAIL
Nos comprometemos a mantenerlo seguro (en Espanol)

Save a Life. Wear a Mask.COVID19 - Patient Engagement Flyer - Wear a Mask - v4 THUMBNAIL
Salve una vida. Use cubrebocas. (en Espanol)

Types of Masks

COVID19 - Patient Engagement Flyer - Types of Masks THUMBNAIL
Salve una Vida. Usa una Mascarilla (en Espanol)

Six Reasons Why Marathon Health is the Safest Place to Receive Care.Marathon Health - COVID19 Patient Engagement Flyer - Week 14 - v2-THUMBNAIL
Seis Motivos por los que Marathon Health es el Lugar más seguro para recibir atención. (en Espanol)

Don't delay the care you deserve.Marathon Health - COVID19 Patient Engagement Flyer - Week 15-THUMBNAIL
No posponga la ayuda que usted necesite. (en Espanol)

Scheduling a Joining Virtual Appointments via the Marathon eHealth PortalVirtualApptInstructions_Portal-THUMBNAIL

Scheduling a Joining Virtual Appointments via the Marathon Health AppVirtualApptInstructions_App-THUMBNAIL