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EMPLOYER ORGANIZATION: City of Plantation, Fla.
SAVINGS: $10.6 Million
LOCATION: Plantation, Florida
The Challenge

The Challenge

Before opening its onsite health center in 2010, Plantation’s employees had higher than average rates of blood pressure, cholesterol, and blood sugar. All three are risk factors for heart disease, diabetes, and other chronic conditions...

The Solution

The Solution

Marathon Health entered into a partnership with the City of Plantation to provide onsite population health risk management services for its employees, including primary care, disease management, health coaching, and pharmaceutical dispensing.

Primary Care

The Results

In just four years, participation has spiked to 100 percent of employees visiting the health center, and 93 percent have engaged in health coaching. As a whole, 66 percent of at-risk patients made improvements. This translates to a cumulative savings of $7.8 million.

Quote Image
"Diane has taken more time with me than any doctor ever. She’s such a caring, professional expert. The compassion pours out of her. She’s held my hand. I love her."

Linda Lanza, City of Plantation Finance Department
Photo: Diane Huntley, FNP, City of Plantation clinician

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