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COMPANY: Bendix Commercial Vehicle Systems
SAVINGS: 1.05 Million
The Challenge

The Challenge

Despite having multiple manufacturing and distribution centers, the majority of Bendix’s high cost claims came from their manufacturing campus in Huntington, Indiana. The challenge was a lack of convenient access to preventative care in Huntington, a rural town of 17,000.

The Solution

The Solution

On May 3, 2013, Bendix signed a contract with Marathon Health to provide onsite population health risk management services, including health assessments, primary care, health coaching, and disease management services to 415 Huntington employees and 480 dependents.

Primary Care

The Results

Marathon Health clinicians have achieved a 91 percent screening rate for employees since the health center opened, and more than 70% of the high risk population have made improvements on at least one risk factor. The health center has yielded a net savings of $1.05M.

Quote Image
"Marathon Health stood out as the strongest provider in the area with proactive thinking. The Comprehensive Health Review, the sick visits, everything is geared toward spending time with people and capturing them in a system that leads towards health improvement. That model has fit in perfectly with the health plans we had in place. It’s a great match"

Tom Geren, Bendix HR Manager

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