Onsite healthcare helps employees get back to work.

For employers who are interested in offering both primary care and occupational health at the onsite health center, we offer a broad range of physicals, tests, and treatments for work-related illness and injuries.

Occupational and Medical Health Services

Our onsite health centers store all health information in our secure Electronic Medical Record. We maintain a single record for each participant and flag any work-related injury or condition in the record. This approach provides a complete medical history and holistic view of the person's health status.


Occupational Health Services include:

  • Electronic medical records management
  • Pre/post-employment physicals, i.e.,NFPA, etc.
  • Drug screenings and medical surveillance
  • Physical therapy, ergonomic evaluations and agility testing
  • OSHA log maintenance
  • Travel medicine
  • First-line of on the job injuries
  • Emergency services for urgent acute care
  • Audiometric, respiratory and pulmonary fit testing