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Marathon Health Newsroom

Marathon Health Ranked #1 Worksite Healthcare Services Provider

Via PRNewswire

Empowering patients through onsite healthcare

From Healthcare Global

In today’s fast-paced, on-demand culture – convenience has become key to just about everything. However, the time saved through resources like ride-sharing apps and meal delivery services often causes consumers to overlook the quality of the product they are receiving. Sure, you were able to forego a trip to the grocery store after work by ordering takeout, but tomorrow, the refrigerator will still be empty, and you’ll be back to square one.    

Should Companies Allow Mental Health Days?

From Healthline News

A viral tweet about a CEO's support for an employee taking time off for her mental health raised questions of why all companies don't offer this benefit.

If you’ve had a job long enough, chances are you’ve taken a mental health day.

Marathon Health Featured on WDEV Radio!

Please enjoy this terrific interview with Marathon Health Vice President of Business Strategy Michelle Rosowsky as she delves deep into the world of fitness trackers live from last week's Vermont Chamber of Commerce Expo. 

Rosowsky, a nationally ranked triathlete, fielded the interview with WDEV as part of its Open Mike series with host Mike Smith. Michelle's knowledge and passion are on display as she discusses the 10,000 Steps progam and how employers can encourage fitness at the workplace. There's also some nice discussion about Marathon Health at the end. Way to go Michelle!