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deanedavis.jpgVermont Business Magazine and the Vermont Chamber of Commerce Thursday night announced Marathon Health of Winooski as the winner of the prestigious and highly anticipated Deane C Davis Outstanding Business of the Year Award. The announcement came during VBM’s Best of Business Awards at the Sheraton Burlington Hotel.

Presented by Commerce Secretary Mike Schirling, this annual award honors a Vermont business that shows an outstanding history of sustained growth while displaying an acute awareness of what makes Vermont unique. The award, named for the former governor of Vermont, was created 27 years ago by Vermont Business Magazine and the Vermont Chamber of Commerce to recognize and honor the state’s best companies.

Jerry Ford, Marathon Health CEO, said: “It’s an honor for Marathon Health to receive the Dean C Davis award for being named the Outstanding Business in Vermont. This award solidifies our commitment to the responsibility that’s associated with winning this accolade, to stand strong, long, and to make sure we demonstrate what can be accomplished when businesses place their people first. It’s also a wonderful complement to receive this award following last year’s winner, PC Construction, Marathon Health’s longest standing customer. It’s a poignant tribute to follow their efforts of supporting fellow Vermonters and for providing us with another example for how things can and should be done.”

“We are proud to have Marathon Health as the recipient of the 2016 Deane C Davis Outstanding Business of the Year Award,” said John Boutin, publisher of Vermont Business Magazine. “They truly are deserving of this honor and join 26 other Vermont companies to be recognized over the years as one of the best in Vermont.” 

The three impressive finalists for the Deane C Davis Outstanding Business of the Year Award are: Marathon Health, Union Mutual and Vermont Creamery.

Marathon Health is a national leader in employer-sponsored onsite healthcare and is headquartered in the Champlain Mill along the Winooski River in Winooski. Marathon Health has stayed focused on its core mission since its inception in 2005: To transform lives by empowering individuals to live healthier lives, and to help organizations realize the financial savings that result in supporting a healthy, thriving workforce. In showcasing the essence of business growth while maintaining a strong commitment to the wellbeing of employees and the community, Marathon Health has risen to the top and is a well deserving winner of the Deane C Davis Outstanding Business of the Year Award.

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