Last updated April 17, 2020

At Marathon Health, our first priority is the health and safety of our patients and health center staff. Our health center policies and protocols are guided by the CDC, as well as, state and local health department information. This is monitored daily by our multidisciplinary response team.

We are committed to providing access to care through our health centers. The most powerful tool we have in the fight against COVID-19 is keeping people separated to decrease opportunities for transmitting this virus. Our health centers are reducing exposure from person-to-person contact for all patients with respiratory symptoms.

We offer virtual care on the Marathon Health eHealth Portal that connects patients with their known care providers for video and/or telephonic appointments.  We are triaging and screening patients with flu and respiratory symptoms – sore throat, aches, elevated temperature, coughing, sneezing, and congestion. We also use virtual care visits for a wide variety of illnesses and minor injuries. Please see virtual appointment information below in the FAQ section. 

In these ways, we hope to ensure the health of people who are well, meet the needs of those who are sick, and reduce the burden on the healthcare system overall.

Marathon Health FAQ

How do I stay healthy during the pandemic?

It’s normal to have a lot on our minds as we navigate these unprecedented circumstances. We want to help you maintain a healthy lifestyle while you’re developing a new day-to-day routine. Visit our wellness resources page for weekly tips regarding at-home fitness options, staying socially connected, managing stress, and information about additional healthcare services available at your Marathon Health center.

Can I schedule a virtual visit?

Yes. You can meet with your known Marathon Health provider via a virtual medical visit - either via phone or video. We offer virtual medical care, health coaching, chronic condition management, prescription refills, and health reviews.  Physical therapy and behavioral health may also be available where offered by the health center. 

How do I schedule a virtual visit?

Accessible on your mobile phone, tablet, or computer, you can access healthcare wherever you are through the Marathon eHealth Portal or the Marathon Health app.

Follow these four simple steps to get started:

  1. Log in and schedule an appointment by selecting ‘Virtual’ as your appointment location.
  2. Choose the service you’d like under ‘Appointment Type.’
  3. Select your provider and appointment time and click ‘Schedule.’
  4. Confirm the state you are located in and your availability.

View our guide for how to schedule and join an appointment here.

Is Marathon Health screening for COVID-19?

Yes. Please schedule a virtual visit or call your health center. Your provider will conduct a screening via phone or video.

Is Marathon Health testing for COVID-19?

We are selectively testing essential workers for employer organizations with first responders and in locations where we can partner with local health systems with access to laboratories and health departments for PPE and collection kits.

For Marathon Health guidance on COVID-19 testing click, here.

Has Marathon Health closed health centers in response to COVID-19?

All Marathon Health care teams are continuing to provide care. Marathon Health centers remain open where it is feasible. In the event that a health center is closed due to an employer closure or in compliance with federal, state, and local policies, call the health center directly or schedule virtually through the Marathon eHealth portal.

Can I be treated for COVID-19 at my health center?

No. We encourage every patient who believes they may have COVID-19 symptoms to call us before coming into our health centers.  If the phone triage turns up a suspected case, we will contact the local health department for advice on next steps. If a patient does show up in our health center with possible symptoms, the health center staff and patient will be outfitted in personal protective equipment (PPE) and the patient will be immediately moved to a closed off area for evaluation. If the evaluation suggests a potential COVID-19 case, the health center staff will contact the local health department for advice on where to send the patient.

Is Marathon Health cancelling non-essential health center visits?

Our top priority is to limit in-person health center visits to those patients who require them. We do not want to risk exposing patients or health center staff members to COVID-19. We currently define required visits as those patients who require a hands-on exam, for example a rash or an orthopedic injury. All other appointments are available as virtual or telephonic visits.

Marathon Health recommends visiting the following websites for the latest information on COVID-19:

CDC Information

OSHA Guidance for preparing workplaces for COVID-19

For more information:

  • If you are a Marathon Health member with questions, please call your health center.
  • If you are a Marathon Health client with questions, please contact your Account Manager.