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Want to win $250?
If you have partnered with Marathon Health to improve your health, we want to hear from you! From all of the great stories, we pick 10 to publish and promote.
Our 10 winners will each receive $250. 

The next submission deadline is November 30, 2020.


Valery Cargill

I was overweight, had high blood pressure and prediabetes, and was unable to keep up with my grandkids when they visited me. I wanted to be able to spend more time with them. I also wanted to be able to exercise with my wife at the gym without slowing her down.

Jennifer & Terry Lennox International

I have known about my health issues since birth, and over the last three years, I barely met the biometric screening requirements for my insurance. My husband has had high blood pressure since he was 18

Janet Escambia County School District

I had struggled to maintain a healthy weight all my life. I lacked energy and experienced chronic indigestion, joint pain, and swelling. I had little to no desire to engage in activities that should have been enjoyable – I had lost my lust for life.

Heather New Balance

I had low self-esteem, found it difficult to focus on tasks, and always felt tired and depressed, even occasionally experiencing suicidal thoughts. After having some abnormal biometric screening results, I went to the LifeBalance Health Center in Norridgewock.

Frank Kwik Trip

I was a full-time dairy farmer for 36 years and raised four great kids. Then, I decided to make some big changes. In 2019, I downsized my farm and applied to Kwik Trip in the convenience transportation department, thus beginning my health journey.

Brenda Roanoke County Public Schools

I wasn’t sleeping well, I had knee and back pain, and I struggled to manage my stress. As the primary caregiver for my 80-year-old mother, I knew I needed to improve my health so I could be there for her.

Ashley Sheetz

In June 2019, I joined a running club and ended up gaining three pounds in eight weeks. I felt mad and depressed because I had put in so much time and work for no results. That’s when I went to see Theresa Miller, health coach at The Shwellness Center,

Angela Charlotte County Public Schools

In the past, I had prediabetes and hypoglycemia. I went to the doctor after trying certain dieting strategies on my own. Although I was strong-willed in my pursuit to lose weight, I still became hypoglycemic.


During my first visit to the CEBT Health & Wellness Center at Loveland to treat pink eye, Meagan Johnston, FNP, noted my high blood pressure and recommended I schedule a visit to discuss the issue.

Prida City of Fort Lauderdale

I wanted to work on improving my physical fitness, decreasing my risk for high blood pressure and diabetes, and decreasing joint pain caused by excess weight. I visited Perla del Pino-White, DO, at the City of Fort Lauderdale Health and Wellness Center